Site Change Log



22nd August, 2018

Koken -> Home-brewed -> jAlbum...

14th August, 2018

Getting rid of Koken

29th July, 2018

Tweak top-level menu to display more sensibly

28th July, 2018

A few more blog entries

16th July, 2018

Starting to use CSS Grid

14th July, 2018

Blog update: The Art of Judicious Decision-Making

7th July, 2018

Blog update: Got a Semi On

5th July, 2018

W3C changes finally finished

27th June, 2018

Remove Railways section (too much hassle)

25th June, 2018

3 beermats added; 404 page updated

23rd June, 2018

New blog entry

22nd June, 2018

New blog entry

11th June, 2018

New blog entry

4th June, 2018

Gradually introducing W3C template

2nd June, 2018

Adding a railways section

19th May, 2018

A couple of blog additions

17th May, 2018

Started adding walk fly-throughs (slowly...)

16th May, 2018

Working on HTML and CSS tidy-up...

15th May, 2018

New front-page pic