Haven't been arsed to do any blog updates since November, it would appear. But maybe it's time for another tale of woe...

New Years Eve, 6:20am, Mel decides to get up for a wee, so I think I might as well go too. And go I did - slipped on the stairs and bounced down on my left shoulder... Result: absolute agony making the slightest movement. Called for ambulance, but, sadly, that was a waste of time: first I was considered non-emergency (which I suppose was fair enough), then 2 hours later upgraded to emergency. However, after a further 3 hours, still no sign of an ambulance, so, as I could manage to walk a bit by then, I cancelled the ambulance and got Becky to come over and take me to the Northern General. Not a pleasant journey as she seemed unappreciative of G-forces on a damaged arm...

Only a one and a half hour wait for triage, at which I was given a rudimentary linen sling and two cocodamol, and a wait for X-ray. After the radiographers had taken their pics, I overheard a sotto voce "How the hell did he do that?!". Finally on to the treatment room, where the nurse disclosed that I'd dislocated my shoulder, but nothing broken. So, just a simple matter of forcing it back into place (as shown on TV)? Ah, but no... She said she'd have to go away and think of a way to get it back again... Twenty minutes later, back she comes, sticks me on gas and air (brilliant stuff! - makes you feel drunk but the effect dissipates as soon as you stop breathing it) and starts pulling, pushing, twisting, turning the arm - all to no avail except adding to my agony. She summoned a doctor, but his efforts were similarly fruitless. As were those of a senior nurse and a consultant. So, all that was left was general anaesthetic and unwitnessed brutality.

All an interesting experience, as I'd never had a general before. First I was given oxygen, then carbon dioxide (why?!), then intravenous morphine (great stuff!) and finally the knock-out drops (fentanyl?) So, once second I'm fully aware of what's going on, next "second" I'm awake and arm back in shoulder! Amazing. There were bits that I was unaware of though, as they said I'd asked them if they'd put it up on Youtube...

Such a relief to get rid of the intense pain and to be able to move more freely - albeit with arm in a sling and still some residual pain if I tried to raise the arm. Almost two weeks later now, and arm in a polysling (which I'm supposed to wear all the time apart from showering) and still limited movement. Apparently, this is all going to take some time to get back to normal - and, even then, it's more likely to dislocate again after it's happened once. Such a buggeration. Lack of quality sleep, as I usually tend to sleep on that arm 80% of the time and that's been impossible; lack of exercise because that arm is no use for movement or support, and walking is only safe on the streets rather than the footpaths I usually use.

Anyway, a sojourn in the Cotswolds next weekend and a visit to Oxford will be a welcome break (in the nicest sense).

Lessons learnt? Probably none - but I do wonder whether one-armed people can wear contact lenses...

Collared Doves

Collared doves seem to be making a significant comeback here: this morning, there were 15 perched on the playground fence. And not a woodpigeon in sight! Not that woodpigs are particularly scarce around Greno: on the walk I did yesterday, there were dozens of the things all over the woods.

Yet more great decisions...

I got rid of Koken and managed to recreate the gallery using my own code: a very repetetive slog, but not overtaxing. And as soon as I'd finished? SharewareOnSale had jAlbum available for free... And that now drives the gallery... Again, not too painful to get it online as a basic offering. It does  […]

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Really, Netflix?

Got an e-mail from Netflix this morning regarding new profile icons: "Our new profile icons are inspired by all the TV programmes and films you like watching." No they're bloody well not, Netflix! I've never watched any of the programmes they list - and never even heard of most of them.  […]

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Koken Broken

Koken is all very nice, but it really is so slow. Plus, it provides no way to clear its cache, and this had built up over time to more than 12,000 entries taking getting on for 2GB! Which, considering that I have a 10GB limit, is just not on. The only way to delete cache entries is manually; but  […]

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Coup de Grass

Well, after a wonderful 46 days break, I've finally had to mow the lawns again. The grass is slowly recovering from its parched, brown state, and it was mostly a matter of cutting grass around the edges, and weeds. I do seem to have a mixture of grasses, though: one small area had thrived, and had a  […]

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How are the mighty fallen? Not yet, it seems

Noticed this in Chapeltown the other day. Access was the first credit card I ever owned, back in 1973 - and we called it "the mighty Access card" because of all the powers it gave us to spend the phenomenal amount we were being paid in expenses for working in Bristol. Phenomenal? It was  […]

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... does Groundhog Day keep coming on Dave?

Corona, vale...

After many years of stout service, I've finally had to give up with the UR1 post-crown. Since the beginning of the year, it was coming out every 2 months, but then started lasting only a few days. So, one hour in the dentist today while he took an impression of UL1 and UR1, sealed off UR1, drilled  […]

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At last! We have rain (plus rumbles of thunder). Been up to 32C today and very clammy, so this is a long-awaited relief! Until it stops, of course...

Second Home?

Still the hot, dry weather continues, so an impromptu visit to Ladybower Inn seeing as we were in the area (well, Hillsborough...). I'd never noticed this fish carving on the wall before.  […]

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CSS Grid

I suppose CSS Grid merits its own entry: I'm amazed at how simple it makes web-page layout; a combination of it with W3C responsive is perfect for what I need. I didn't intend revamping existing pages, but the temptation was too much... Not that it makes sense to apply it to all pages, but  […]

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The Art of Judicious Decision Making

About a week after completing the move to the W3C template, I happened across Bootstrap Studio, and it looked rather funky. So I bought it... And then remembered how much I hated Bootstrap in the Joomla incarnation... But I started looking at converting the site to Bootstrap 4: far from a painless  […]

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Got a semi on

England reach the World Cup semi-finals for the first time since 1990 after beating Sweden 2-0. Amazing stuff. First time I've watched them in a WC match with a crowd of others since we lost to Germany 2-3 in 1970 (sat around a pokey little TV in the BNC JCR). Crowd? Becky and Andy threw open house  […]

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SSL Installation Method Update

Hmm... the instructions on how to install a new SSL certificate that I posted previously don't seem to be quite right now. This is what I did to update today: Go to SSL For Free to generate a new certificate. Validate domain ownership by FTP (same pw as cPanel). When verified, it will generate  […]

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Thai Festival

Still the sunny spell spell continues, so why not pay a visit to the Thai Festival at Manchester? A two-day event at Platt Fields, but day one is enough. Platt Fields is located just a bit further down the road from the Chinese Consulate in Rusholme, and I'm amazed that I used to think nothing of  […]

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Quote for today

“It’s an exciting time for radishes,” he added. “..." It could be the new avocado.” Anthony Gardiner of G’s Fresh, the UK’s biggest supplier of radishes

Matlock Bath

We're in an amazing sunny spell at the moment, so off to give the Heights of Abraham a whirl. The station car park was (surprisingly) almost empty when we arrived around 9:30 - just us and 2 others. The cable car ride is quite tame, but does give decent views. (Certainly not on a par with the one  […]

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Just 3 words...

Always nice to discover something new and useful. Having read this article today, I've been having a play with What3Words, and it seems a great idea, based on such a simple concept. Any use in the real world? Remains to be seen, I suppose, but it does seem to be gaining support from businesses, so  […]

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