A few photos for BNC

Matriculation, 1968

All dressed up and ready to go

An attempt to recreate the past, 17th October, 2012

Another go...

... and another

Graduation, 1973

At BNC before the ceremony

Outside the Sheldonian after the ceremony

The Gits (Brasenose Illegitimates)

Gits in action and inaction. The 1969, 1970, and 1972 poses (I am unaccountably missing from the 1970 one), with action from the match in 1974.


Posing in the new quad at BNC


Posing in the new quad at BNC


Posing in the cricket pavilion


Ivor taking middle guard


Umpire being asked to reconsider his decision

The Frewin Crocodile

Now, I wasn't involved with this, so the photos are courtesy of Rob "Bob" Forrest (MA and Rust.). Probably part of the Brasenose Adopt A Stuffed Violent Animal campaign.

Cover Story

At home in Frewin

At home in Frewin

Bodleian Croc