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Walk list for 1983

Sunday, 8th May (11:30-17:30)Malham to Horton (10 miles)
Friday, 20th May (23:30-01:00)Rosedale Abbey to Pike Howe (3 miles)
Saturday, 21st May (09:30-16:30)Pike Howe to Blakey (15 miles)
Sunday, 22nd MayBlakey to Rosedale Abbey (many miles)
Sunday, 19th June (10:30-16:15)King's Tree to Fairholmes (15 miles)
Sunday, 26th June (09:45-13:15)Moscar to Lodge Moor (8.5 miles)
Friday, 1st July (22:30-01:00)Castleton to Clough Farm (4 miles)
Saturday, 2nd July (09:30-19:00)Clough Farm to Edale (15 miles)
Sunday, 3rd July (09:30-17:30)Edale to Fox House (15 miles)
Sunday, 10th July (10:15-16:45)Kings Tree to Fairholmes (12 miles)
Sunday, 17th July (09:30-15:00)Moscar to Fox House via Hathersage (12 miles)