Site Change Log

11th January, 2020: Add modal for Pennine Way pic pop-ups.

11th October, 2019: Major revision of walks to use ViewRanger.

10th August, 2019: Header pic changed to Manhattan.

24th July, 2019: Restructured gallery into separate components.

11th July, 2019: Freebix gone, and walks no longer using iframes.

10th July, 2019: Starting to use own template instead of Freebix.

11th May, 2019: Several blog updates; extra school pics.

25th April, 2019: Moved PDFs from jAlbum because Google whinges about it...

22nd April, 2019: Added cruise pics.

11th March, 2019: Blog converted to Wordpress.

27th February, 2019: Use search box in menu instead of page.

22nd February, 2019: Blog update.

21st February, 2019: Bringing back rail section.

19th February, 2019: Added search page (MODX SimpleSearch).

9th February, 2019: Conversion to MODX done. Now using Freebix template (with local changes).

30th January, 2019: Converting to MODX

23th January, 2019: Add Cotswold pics and beer mats

12th January, 2019: Some blog updates, including today

22nd August, 2018: Koken -> Home-brewed -> jAlbum...

14th August, 2018: Getting rid of Koken

29th July, 2018: Tweak top-level menu to display more sensibly

28th July, 2018: A few more blog entries

16th July, 2018: Starting to use CSS Grid

14th July, 2018: Blog update: The Art of Judicious Decision-Making

7th July, 2018: Blog update: Got a Semi On

5th July, 2018: W3C changes finally finished

27th June, 2018: Remove Railways section (too much hassle)

25th June, 2018: 3 beermats added; 404 page updated

23rd June, 2018: New blog entry

22nd June, 2018: New blog entry

11th June, 2018: New blog entry

4th June, 2018: Gradually introducing W3C template

2nd June, 2018: Adding a railways section

19th May, 2018: A couple of blog additions

17th May, 2018: Started adding walk fly-throughs (slowly...)

16th May, 2018: Working on HTML and CSS tidy-up...

15th May, 2018: New front-page pic