Random World Cup Reflections

Having watched most first-round and a few second-round matches, I think it's fair to say that no team has been outstanding. So many defensive errors, forwards with wayward shots, and listless midfielders. England have probably looked the best (albeit for only 25 minutes). Russia a big surprise,  […]

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Time for a change

Having settled on a template for the website for some long time, I thought it might be interesting to look at revamping it. The main reason was wanting to have a fixed horizontal menu, rather than the sidebar menu which took up a lot of the screen width. Plumped for W3C's Startup template, which  […]

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Mistle thrushes are back

Well, one is. Had a visit to the back lawn yesterday afternoon. Problem is, new neighbours two doors down have two cats which are very inquisitive...

Affinity Photo

After using ("a version of") Photoshop CS6 for many years, I decided to go legit. But at Adobe's prices (over £100 a year)? Not for me, Clive. Saw a recommendation for Serif Affinity Photo somewhere and had a look into it. Unfortunately, they don't seem to offer a trial version, so had to  […]

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A drive over to Bridlington on a sunny Bank Holiday Sunday... Set off early (7am) and quiet motorways all the way to Howden, thankfully. Finished the friends visit by early afternoon, so went on to Flamborough. Must be 45 years or more since I was last there but can't say it's changed much! I can  […]

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Only just discovered Google reverse image search

Having tried in vain to identify the location of a series of photos showing a castle, and only coming up with that it must be in the UK (building style, amount of clothes people were wearing, tulips coming out), but a Google image search on "UK castles" not being helpful, I discovered that  […]

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OS Map Wrong

It's a very rare occasion when you have to call doubt on something on an OS map, but I found out the hard way today that they can get things wrong. The OS25 has a very good path marked dropping from Houndkirk Road down to the Burbage valley. I was following the only good path, and when I checked  […]

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Ladybower Visit

Weather looks very promising for this week, so time for a brief (2.8 miles) walk at Ladybower. Been wanting to see the "plughole" by the dam for ages, and today gave a great opportunity:  […]

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So how old am I?

Did a test the other day in some online newspaper that allegedly judges how "grown old" you have become: and scored 21/35 (if my memory is working...). So that means I'm 60% grown old? I think I'd settle for that! Had a search for another one today, and, doing a random selection of the  […]

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Landline woes

Tested out the 2 SIMs in the new mobile by calling our landline - and got the sound of silence... Further investigation (i.e. 1471) showed that the landline had received the calls, but hadn't rung... So, duff handset (it is extremely old) or faulty line (broadband is still working, but has been a  […]

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New Phone

Finally got round to buying a new phone, after plodding along with my 3-year old cracked screen Motorola. It's a Xiaomi MI A1, and I have to say it's quite impressive! Dual SIM, dual lens, same size as iPhone 7, 64Gb memory. It's an AndroidOne phone, so gets all Google's updates (for 2 years). Not  […]

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Weather: you like it or not

Today is like a dull, miserable November's day. How different from yesterday's sunshine and blue skies - perfect walking weather, so a 4-mile meander through the woods around Greno was called for.  […]

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SSL at last

Well, I've finally got round to installing a proper SSL certificate, courtesy of SSL For Free. Needs regenerating every 3 months, of course... Just as a reminder to myself, the process is not exactly daunting...: Go to SSL For Free to generate a new certificate. Validate domain ownership by FTP  […]

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Working together

Having booked a flight from Manchester to Cebu with Singapore Airlines, it turned out that the first leg was Manchester to Frankfurt - with Lufthansa... Two separate airlines involved, so what's the procedure for checking in and getting boarding passes? Called Singapore several weeks ago, and they  […]

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Struggles with Koken

Spent a day tearing the remnants of my hair out trying to find a way to stop Koken appending the site title to the <TITLE> in the HTML header (it's a bit annoying that it does that as it ends up making the <TITLE> too long in many cases). Found it difficult to follow the flow of page  […]

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Annoying greetings

I have a courier delivering my tea who insists on addressing me as "pal"... WTF? He seems to be an obnoxious twerp, but it does rile me. Anyway, I have to sign for the delivery, so I just write PAL and everyone's happy. But there seems to be a trend amongst the younger generation to use  […]

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And another change of mind...

Very disappointed with Firefox Quantum, and I've changed my main browser to Waterfox. Never heard of it until today, but it's looking good. And I can get back the plugins that wouldn't work under Quantum...

I reserve the right to change my mind. Infinitely.

Right, then: having definitely decided to use Coppermine for the gallery, I am now using Koken... Just felt that Coppermine looks a bit dated now, and Koken is much "cleaner". Now I have to decide whether white or grey background is better... Have to say that Koken is quirky, but once you  […]

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Piwigo problem solved

OK, this was not too difficult to sort out. Just stick date_default_timezone_set("Europe/London"); near top of /include/common.inc.php. However, Piwigo does not seem responsive enough, so I'll stick with Coppermine...

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