Haven't been arsed to do any blog updates since November, it would appear. But maybe it's time for another tale of woe... New Years Eve, 6:20am, Mel decides to get up for a wee, so I think I might as well go too. And go I did - slipped on the stairs and bounced down on my left shoulder... Result:  […]

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Corona, vale...

After many years of stout service, I've finally had to give up with the UR1 post-crown. Since the beginning of the year, it was coming out every 2 months, but then started lasting only a few days. So, one hour in the dentist today while he took an impression of UL1 and UR1, sealed off UR1, drilled  […]

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Boredom is...

... being bloody housebound! Apparently, back problems are the biggest issue for GPs nowadays, and I've added to the statistics... Had a mild lower-back pain 4 or 5 weeks ago, so did the exercises that the GP had recommended in the past, and that cleared it up, apart from a small niggle on the lower  […]

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Physio, heal thyself

Poor old Ziggy: after all this time treating my tennis elbow, he's been suffering from the same complaint for 2 months! It came on when he was testing another patient... And, yes, he is treating himself.

Ziggy is pure stardust

In previous posts, I've alluded to this "tennis elbow" condition that had seemingly settled in for the duration. I finally got referred to a physio three weeks ago, and two sessions with him have made a world of difference! Just a simple exercise to do thrice daily, and the pain has all  […]

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The Joys of Old Age (Part 94) (cont.)

Published: 02 January 2016 Well, this flaming "tennis elbow" is not going away in a hurry. The first prescription of some NSAID eased the pain for a couple of days, then flatlined. The second prescription of a strong ibuprofen gel did bugger all. And the third prescription of cocodamol  […]

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The Joys of Old Age (Part 94)

Aches and pains... The doc confirmed today that I have Tennis Elbow, and used the word "degenerate" (verb, not noun): once you hear that word, you know it’s all going downhill - and even downhill will probably leave you out of breath. Also had my first flu jab while I was there. Supposedly  […]

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