Yet more great decisions...

I got rid of Koken and managed to recreate the gallery using my own code: a very repetetive slog, but not overtaxing. And as soon as I'd finished? SharewareOnSale had jAlbum available for free... And that now drives the gallery... Again, not too painful to get it online as a basic offering. It does  […]

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Koken Broken

Koken is all very nice, but it really is so slow. Plus, it provides no way to clear its cache, and this had built up over time to more than 12,000 entries taking getting on for 2GB! Which, considering that I have a 10GB limit, is just not on. The only way to delete cache entries is manually; but  […]

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CSS Grid

I suppose CSS Grid merits its own entry: I'm amazed at how simple it makes web-page layout; a combination of it with W3C responsive is perfect for what I need. I didn't intend revamping existing pages, but the temptation was too much... Not that it makes sense to apply it to all pages, but  […]

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The Art of Judicious Decision Making

About a week after completing the move to the W3C template, I happened across Bootstrap Studio, and it looked rather funky. So I bought it... And then remembered how much I hated Bootstrap in the Joomla incarnation... But I started looking at converting the site to Bootstrap 4: far from a painless  […]

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SSL Installation Method Update

Hmm... the instructions on how to install a new SSL certificate that I posted previously don't seem to be quite right now. This is what I did to update today: Go to SSL For Free to generate a new certificate. Validate domain ownership by FTP (same pw as cPanel). When verified, it will generate  […]

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Just 3 words...

Always nice to discover something new and useful. Having read this article today, I've been having a play with What3Words, and it seems a great idea, based on such a simple concept. Any use in the real world? Remains to be seen, I suppose, but it does seem to be gaining support from businesses, so  […]

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Time for a change

Having settled on a template for the website for some long time, I thought it might be interesting to look at revamping it. The main reason was wanting to have a fixed horizontal menu, rather than the sidebar menu which took up a lot of the screen width. Plumped for W3C's Startup template, which  […]

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Affinity Photo

After using ("a version of") Photoshop CS6 for many years, I decided to go legit. But at Adobe's prices (over £100 a year)? Not for me, Clive. Saw a recommendation for Serif Affinity Photo somewhere and had a look into it. Unfortunately, they don't seem to offer a trial version, so had to  […]

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Only just discovered Google reverse image search

Having tried in vain to identify the location of a series of photos showing a castle, and only coming up with that it must be in the UK (building style, amount of clothes people were wearing, tulips coming out), but a Google image search on "UK castles" not being helpful, I discovered that  […]

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Landline woes

Tested out the 2 SIMs in the new mobile by calling our landline - and got the sound of silence... Further investigation (i.e. 1471) showed that the landline had received the calls, but hadn't rung... So, duff handset (it is extremely old) or faulty line (broadband is still working, but has been a  […]

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SSL at last

Well, I've finally got round to installing a proper SSL certificate, courtesy of SSL For Free. Needs regenerating every 3 months, of course... Just as a reminder to myself, the process is not exactly daunting...: Go to SSL For Free to generate a new certificate. Validate domain ownership by FTP  […]

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Struggles with Koken

Spent a day tearing the remnants of my hair out trying to find a way to stop Koken appending the site title to the <TITLE> in the HTML header (it's a bit annoying that it does that as it ends up making the <TITLE> too long in many cases). Found it difficult to follow the flow of page  […]

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And another change of mind...

Very disappointed with Firefox Quantum, and I've changed my main browser to Waterfox. Never heard of it until today, but it's looking good. And I can get back the plugins that wouldn't work under Quantum...

I reserve the right to change my mind. Infinitely.

Right, then: having definitely decided to use Coppermine for the gallery, I am now using Koken... Just felt that Coppermine looks a bit dated now, and Koken is much "cleaner". Now I have to decide whether white or grey background is better... Have to say that Koken is quirky, but once you  […]

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Piwigo problem solved

OK, this was not too difficult to sort out. Just stick date_default_timezone_set("Europe/London"); near top of /include/ However, Piwigo does not seem responsive enough, so I'll stick with Coppermine...

Photo Galleries

Having settled on Piwigo for my image gallery, I'm a bit disappointed to find that it won't run properly on it installs cleanly, but throws out a stream of PHP errors (date related) on trying to connect. I really can't be bothered to delve into it, and have moved to Coppermine. My  […]

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Blogging software

Looking to move from my home-brewed blog, I've been trying just about everything that's available from the Hosting Cpanel. Wordpress looked good for a while (and even considered redoing the whole site using it), but it was taking more time and giving more headaches than I can spare; plus it  […]

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Bye bye Hostinger…

… and hello Couldn’t justify the price hike from £50 to £70 for what is essentially a bit of dabbling, so here I am. So far, I’m impressed by (a) the price, (b) the offerings on cPanel, and (c) the speed compared to Hostinger. Gone back to Coppermine for the gallery, and giving  […]

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Getting rid of Piwigo

Having used Piwigo for my gallery for some time and found it pretty good, I now need to replace it as it's not responsive. But finding an alternative that looks decent has proved to be a bit of a nightmare for various reasons. However, today I've come across Koken and that looks like what I need, so  […]

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Looking good to me

Getting rid of Joomla has very much improved the look and feel of the whole site. The Editorial template provided free by html5up has been easy to work with and provides the basis for a fully-responsive HTML5 site - along with it actually looking decent. Impressed.

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