Really, Netflix?

Got an e-mail from Netflix this morning regarding new profile icons: "Our new profile icons are inspired by all the TV programmes and films you like watching." No they're bloody well not, Netflix! I've never watched any of the programmes they list - and never even heard of most of them.  […]

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... does Groundhog Day keep coming on Dave?

Second Home?

Still the hot, dry weather continues, so an impromptu visit to Ladybower Inn seeing as we were in the area (well, Hillsborough...). I'd never noticed this fish carving on the wall before.  […]

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Thai Festival

Still the sunny spell spell continues, so why not pay a visit to the Thai Festival at Manchester? A two-day event at Platt Fields, but day one is enough. Platt Fields is located just a bit further down the road from the Chinese Consulate in Rusholme, and I'm amazed that I used to think nothing of  […]

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Matlock Bath

We're in an amazing sunny spell at the moment, so off to give the Heights of Abraham a whirl. The station car park was (surprisingly) almost empty when we arrived around 9:30 - just us and 2 others. The cable car ride is quite tame, but does give decent views. (Certainly not on a par with the one  […]

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OS Map Wrong

It's a very rare occasion when you have to call doubt on something on an OS map, but I found out the hard way today that they can get things wrong. The OS25 has a very good path marked dropping from Houndkirk Road down to the Burbage valley. I was following the only good path, and when I checked  […]

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Ladybower Visit

Weather looks very promising for this week, so time for a brief (2.8 miles) walk at Ladybower. Been wanting to see the "plughole" by the dam for ages, and today gave a great opportunity:  […]

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Weather: you like it or not

Today is like a dull, miserable November's day. How different from yesterday's sunshine and blue skies - perfect walking weather, so a 4-mile meander through the woods around Greno was called for.  […]

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Lazy summer Monday

Glorious sunshine, no clouds, no wind - today must be summer! A late decision to have lunch at the Ladybower Inn: meal, 2 pints Batemans light, lazing outside by the Snake Pass. Then back via Hathersage and up Dale Bottom to Stanage, Burbage, and Ringinglow.  […]

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Bleaklow, How You've Changed

Walked for half an hour or so from the Snake Road summit onto Bleaklow along the Pennine Way. Half expect these wilderness areas to remain untouched, but that's not the reality of course. Not like it was in my day blah-blah-blah, squelching through peat mud, just easy, comfortable walking on a sandy  […]

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