Coup de Grass

Well, after a wonderful 46 days break, I've finally had to mow the lawns again. The grass is slowly recovering from its parched, brown state, and it was mostly a matter of cutting grass around the edges, and weeds. I do seem to have a mixture of grasses, though: one small area had thrived, and had a  […]

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How are the mighty fallen? Not yet, it seems

Noticed this in Chapeltown the other day. Access was the first credit card I ever owned, back in 1973 - and we called it "the mighty Access card" because of all the powers it gave us to spend the phenomenal amount we were being paid in expenses for working in Bristol. Phenomenal? It was  […]

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Modern Life

Courtesy of Private Eye (with Ozymandius corrected to Ozymandias...)  […]

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At last! We have rain (plus rumbles of thunder). Been up to 32C today and very clammy, so this is a long-awaited relief! Until it stops, of course...

Quote for today

“It’s an exciting time for radishes,” he added. “..." It could be the new avocado.” Anthony Gardiner of G’s Fresh, the UK’s biggest supplier of radishes

So how old am I?

Did a test the other day in some online newspaper that allegedly judges how "grown old" you have become: and scored 21/35 (if my memory is working...). So that means I'm 60% grown old? I think I'd settle for that! Had a search for another one today, and, doing a random selection of the  […]

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New Phone

Finally got round to buying a new phone, after plodding along with my 3-year old cracked screen Motorola. It's a Xiaomi MI A1, and I have to say it's quite impressive! Dual SIM, dual lens, same size as iPhone 7, 64Gb memory. It's an AndroidOne phone, so gets all Google's updates (for 2 years). Not  […]

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Working together

Having booked a flight from Manchester to Cebu with Singapore Airlines, it turned out that the first leg was Manchester to Frankfurt - with Lufthansa... Two separate airlines involved, so what's the procedure for checking in and getting boarding passes? Called Singapore several weeks ago, and they  […]

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Annoying greetings

I have a courier delivering my tea who insists on addressing me as "pal"... WTF? He seems to be an obnoxious twerp, but it does rile me. Anyway, I have to sign for the delivery, so I just write PAL and everyone's happy. But there seems to be a trend amongst the younger generation to use  […]

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Water, Water, Everywhere...

Had a visit from a Yorkshire Water bloke yesterday to test the water quality in our area, and learnt a few things. Our supply comes from Langsett, apparently, so not too far away. What surprised me was that areas quite close to here get their water from York! It seems that they are not allowed to  […]

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What I got for Christmas

Amongst other items, Becky and Andy gave me a DNA-testing kit from Being dutifully-minded, I gozzed in the tube and posted it off. After 6 weeks and several e-mails saying "We're processing it... honest...", I finally got the results - and I haven't a clue what light  […]

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School Days

Decided to scan (and read!) all my school reports from Brigg Grammar that have survived the years. Interesting reading! Didn't realise I only came 7th in the first term there and shot up to 1st the next! Such acceleration never surpassed later, I guess... Interesting 6th Form comments about my lack  […]

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Time Can Do So Much!

Glued together... for 44 years! An attempt to recreate the 1968 Oxford matriculation photo outside the Sheffield Tap in October 2012...  […]

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Blessed be the Brian

Well, I woke up this morning... No, not a blues song - far from it. There was an article about Brian Blessed in The Guardian today, to which I got in the first below-the-line comment over breakfast at 8am - just seven words which has had 164* recommends so far! This is fame... this is glory... this  […]

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Words (2)

So I "learnt" two new words today: donds and zedded. This is what you get for venturing into the darker regions of The Guardian. Not that they are going to be of any bloody use to me.

Words that only journalists ever use

OK, you gentlemen of the press, have you really ever "hailed" someone for doing something you consider worthy? Or ever told your mates that you had a good "romp" last night? No, of course you haven't - and nor has anyone else. So stop it. Just stop it.

Rondo RIP

Very sad to hear this morning of the death and probable suicide of Keith Emerson. I never got beyond Pictures At An Exhibition with ELP, but the Nice were the most exciting and entertaining group I ever saw - and I saw them many times. The live performances of Rondo and America were the anthems of  […]

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Words (1)

Having just posted about Microsoft, and the words "pain in the arse" having strangely sprung to mind, I was thinking of a suitable word for that condition. "Analalgesia" sounded useful, but it seems the word already exists for something completely different... And, anyway, it  […]

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