Collared Doves

Collared doves seem to be making a significant comeback here: this morning, there were 15 perched on the playground fence. And not a woodpigeon in sight! Not that woodpigs are particularly scarce around Greno: on the walk I did yesterday, there were dozens of the things all over the woods.

Mistle thrushes are back

Well, one is. Had a visit to the back lawn yesterday afternoon. Problem is, new neighbours two doors down have two cats which are very inquisitive...


A drive over to Bridlington on a sunny Bank Holiday Sunday... Set off early (7am) and quiet motorways all the way to Howden, thankfully. Finished the friends visit by early afternoon, so went on to Flamborough. Must be 45 years or more since I was last there but can't say it's changed much! I can  […]

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Where did they go?

Been wondering what happened to the mistle thrushes we had in the garden earlier this year: spotted one by Greno Surgery.

Collared Doves...

We seem to be being invaded by collared doves; which is nice... Yesterday, noticed a flock of around 20 descending on trees behind the old garages; and today, just had four perching on neighbours' fence. Collared doves seem to have been scarce in this area over recent years, so hope this is a  […]

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Birds again

Swallow perched on telegraph pole along Skew Hill, singing quite merrily. Yellowhammer singing away along Stanley Hill. I disturbed some largish bird, but not sure what! Seemed to have a greenish hue on the brief back view that I had, call unfamiliar to me. A mystery.

Fox again

Looks like we've had another walk-through from a fox: left a pile of droppings on the back lawn overnight...

Avian Activity

Don't know what's going on here: amazing number of bird visits to back and front these past few days. Mistle thrush (one or two) very regular, and squabbling with blackbirds. This morning, had great tit and chaffinch on front lawn: unheard of since we moved into this house.

Bird News

Since the neighbours hacked down all their bushes and replaced them with a stalag fence last year, bird visitors to the gardens have been scarce. But these past few days have brought regular visits from a mistle thrush and a collared dove. Seen the occasional song thrush around in the past, but a  […]

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Daylight foxes

Had a fox amble through our estate during the cold snap the other day - beautiful to behold. Only my second sighting of one since moving out to Grenoside, the other being on Elliot Lane, just before the junction with the A61.

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