Got a semi on

England reach the World Cup semi-finals for the first time since 1990 after beating Sweden 2-0. Amazing stuff.

First time I've watched them in a WC match with a crowd of others since we lost to Germany 2-3 in 1970 (sat around a pokey little TV in the BNC JCR). Crowd? Becky and Andy threw open house and had the match on two TVs indoors and one in the garden, with BBQ, beer, wine, and snacky bits. Had to be garden, of course, even though the (still continuing) sun made viewing less than optimal. Soak up the sun and glory. Must admit, though, that even in the last minute of added time, I still had the feeling that they would find a way to blow it!

Great header by Maguire (yet another set piece), likewise by Alli (open play), and crucial saves by Pickford. Meanwhile, Russia and Croatia have just gone to extra time - don't get too tired, now...

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