Koken Broken

Koken is all very nice, but it really is so slow. Plus, it provides no way to clear its cache, and this had built up over time to more than 12,000 entries taking getting on for 2GB! Which, considering that I have a 10GB limit, is just not on. The only way to delete cache entries is manually; but Filezilla FTP displays only 9999 entries, and you can't delete the whole lot in bulk because the server gets arsey and disconnects... So, after a long deletion session, removing largest items first, I've got it down to about 6,000 small entries, and I'll leave it at that till I can get rid of Koken altogether.

But that time is not now, because I need it around so that I can pick up all the geolocation info that I'd painstakingly added to the pics... I'm working on coding up my own gallery with a similar look to Koken (which I stil llike), and it's not looking bad so far, and is much quicker! Going to take some time, though...

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