Decided to try some geolocation detective work on a (“random”…) pic.

Australia was the obvious country… Somewhere touristy? So Sydney a good place to start. A park, probably close to the bridge and Opera House? Nothing suitable to the north, but the Royal Botanic Gardens to the south-east looked good.

That monument thing looked useful, and a quick image search picked it up as the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates.

But where exactly was the photo taken from? The sun must be to the north, so the tree shadow is south, and the location therefore to the east. Best guess I could come up with is here.

One puzzling thing is the length of the shadow on the tree – it’s enormous, yet the timestamp on the photo is 1pm when shadows should be smallish. Suggests it was possibly taken by someone from a different country/timezone and the time on the camera had not been reset. Perhaps a country with a 3 or 4 hour time difference?