The shed is at the east side of Rugby Midland Station. The yard is partially visible from the line.

Turn left outside the station and left again under the railway bridge. There is a gate in a wooden fence on the right-hand side just past the bridge. A wooden ramp leads from this gate to the shed. Walking time less than 5 minutes.
The shed is in the fork of the main and Coventry lines south of the station. The yard is visible from the Coventry line.

Leave Nuneaton Trent Valley Station by the west exit into Broad Street. turn left almost immediately into Regent Street, left at the end into Wheat Street (Oaston Terrace) and almost immediately right into Glebe Road. Turn left at the end into a broad drive and proceed over a boarded crossing to the shed. Walking time l0 minutes.
The shed is on the north side of the Blisworth-Northampton Bridge Street line. The yard is visible from this line.

Proceed along the short approach road outside Northampton Castle Station, and turn right almost immediately at the traffic lights into St. Peters Way. Turn right at the end into Bridge Street, and continue into Cotton End. Cross over the level crossing by Bridge Street Station, turn right into St. Leonard’s Road and continue along Main Road parallel to the railway until a footbridge over the line is reached. This gives direct access to the shed. Walking time 30 minutes.
The shed is on the east side of the main line north of Woodford Halse Station. The yard is visible from the line.

Turn right outside Woodford Halse Station under the railway bridge. Turn left into a cinder path running parallel to the railway. The entrance to this path is between a block of houses and the railway. Continue along this path and cross the road at the end. Another cinder path leads from the opposite side of this road to the shed. Walking time 15 minutes.

Note.—A road for vehicular traffic leads to the shed from a point on the main road about 100 yards east of the cinder path.