61A KITTYBREWSTER (Diesel depot)
The shed is on the west side of the station. The top of the yard is visible from the line.

A cinder path leads from the station yard to the shed. The entrance to this path is on the opposite side of the yard to the station and is not too obvious. Walking time less than 5 minutes.

Bus services Nos. 18 (Smithfield), 24 (Scatterburn), 25 (Hayton) and 26 (Printfield Walk) operate between Union Street (close to Aberdeen Station) and Kittybrewster Station. In the reverse direction services Nos. 25 and 26 show destinations Faulds Gate and Kincorth respectively. After passing through the town, they operate along part of Polmuir Road. Ferryhill shed is a short distance further, on the right—hand side.

KEITH (Diesel depot)
The shed is on the south side of the line east of Keith Junction Station. The yard is visible from the line.

Go straight ahead into the approach road from the station. Turn left over a level crossing into a short road. Turn left at the end of this road for about 200 yards. A cinder path leads across a field on the left-hand side to the shed. Walking time 10 minutes.

ELGIN (Diesel depot)
The shed is on the south side of the Craigellachie line just past the junction with the Buckie line. The yard is visible from the line.

Turn right outside the station exit into Station Road and continue along Maisondieu Road past the other exit. Turn right into Victoria Crescent, right at the end into East Road and right again into a road just past the level-crossing. The shed entrance is a gate on the right-hand side of this road. Walking time 10 minutes.

The shed is on the west side of the main line just south of the Junction with the Ballater line. The yard is partially visible from the line.

Turn left out of the station yard into Guild Street. Turn left into College Street, continue into South College Street and Wellington Road. Bear left under the railway bridge and turn right along North Esplanade West. Continue under the suspension bridge, turn right into Polmuir Road, and proceed under the railway bridge. A drive leads to the shed from the left—hand side of this road just before the park. Walking time 20 minutes.