73C HITHER GREEN (Diesel depot)
The shed is in the triangle of the Hither Green-Grove Park-Lee lines. The yard is visible from the Grove Park line and the connecting loop.

A cinder path leads from No. 4 platform to the shed. Walking time less than 5 minutes.

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73E FAVERSHAM (Diesel depot)
The shed is in the fork of the Margate and Canterbury lines east of the station. The yard is visible from the lines.

Turn right outside the station along Station Road. Turn left into St. Mary’s Road and right into Chapel Street. Continue along the path that leads across the park at the end of the street. Ascend the flight of steps that leads on to the footbridge at the far side of the park. A flight of steps leads from the centre of this bridge to the shed. Walking time 15 minutes.
The shed is on the east side of the Folkestone line south of the station. The yard is visible from the line.

Turn left outside the down (southbound) side of the station, or right outside the up (northbound) side of the station. Turn left into the road that leads over the bridge at the north end of the station and almost immediately turn left again into a private S.R. road that runs parallel to the railway. Continue along this road for about a mile passing the works entrance, and bear left stll the time. At the end of this road turn left over a level-crossing. A broad path leads to the shed from the left-hand side of this road about 200 yards past the level-crossing. Walking time 25 minutes.

A bus service labelled Hunter Avenue operates from the station to the shed entrance (near the terminus).

The shed is on the south side of the line west of Dover Marine Station. The yard is visible from the line.

From Dover Marine Station
A cinder path runs along the side of the line to the shed from a level-crossing opposite the entrance to Dover Marine Station.

From Dover Priory Station
Leave that station by the approach and continue into Folkestone Road and Priory Street. Turn right into Biggin Street.

Continue along Cannon Street and cross Market Square into King Street, continuing into Bench Street. Turn right into Snargate Street, continue into Limekiln Street and fork left along The Viaduct. Turn right by the dock entrance to the level-crossing outside Dover Marine Station. Walking time 25 minutes.

The No. 94 bus service operates from Cannon Street to Dover Marine Station.

Note.—Dover Marine Station is new only used by boat trains.

The shed is at the north side of the line at the east end of Folkestone East Station. The yard is visible from the line.

Entrance to the shed is effected from a gate on the down platform.