Tuesday, 21st February (09:46-11:51)Wharncliffe Chase [South] (6.5 miles)
Saturday, 25th February (13:09-15:35)Malham and Gordale (5 miles)
Sunday, 26th February (11:15-12:07)Holcombe Hill (2 miles)
Thursday, 1st March (09:51-11:38)Wharncliffe Chase [South] (6.5 miles)
Thursday, 15th March (09:55-11:50)Wharncliffe Chase [North] (6.8 miles)
Thursday, 29th March (10:26-13:49)Lodge Moor to Fox House (8 miles)
Friday, 25th May (10:55-13:43)Castleton to Peak Forest loop (7.5 miles)
Saturday, 30th June (09:54-11:50)Castleton to Old Moor loop (4.2 miles)
Monday, 13th AugustHowth (4.2 miles)
Tuesday, 4th September (10:02-13:50)Sheffield Round Walk [Hunters Bar – Knowle Lane] (11 miles)