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So who am I?

Google shows that there is indeed more than one Ivor Hutchinson, which comes as a bit of a blow to my uniqueness. But this one is me: born in Brigg, Lincolnshire, quite a few years ago; educated to the best of many teachers' abilities at Brigg Infants, Brigg County Primary, and Brigg Grammar up to December 1967.

With then a nine month gap before starting life at Brasenose College, Oxford, I spent some time working for ICI in Runcorn, living first with an elderly couple in Weaverham and later in shared digs in Runcorn itself. Not a particularly enjoyable time as the work was tedious, so I moved up the ladder to being a fitter's mate on the coke ovens at App Frod in Scunthorpe... In spite of what must have been a very unhealthy atmosphere around the ovens, I absolutely loved it and still consider it as possibly the best job I have ever had (but then I had no responsibilities, of course!)

Onward to Oxford for four years, and isolation from the real world. Quickly met a new group of friends, and many delightful times were had, many of which I can't remember and several that are probably not suitable for publication. After a successful first year (during which I attained an absurd mark of 123% in a maths Prelims exam), things fell apart somewhat in the second year as studies were neglected in favour of more pleasurable activities. Regrets? Absolutely none - it was a truly magnificent time! Third year was spent repairing as much of the damage as possible before Finals loomed, followed by a final fourth year spent in the labs and culminating in a thesis before being awarded a 2.2 (which is probably more than I deserved): BA (Oxon), later upgraded to MA (Oxon) with no further effort on my part - sic Oxonium.

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