Glorious sunny early autumn morning, so decided it was time to revisit Edale. Unfortunately, the plan came unstuck when we discovered that the road was closed at the junction afer Bamford station – and no warning given till you reached the traffic lights… Bit of a shock, really, so hastily decided to go to Hathersage and have a think in the Plough Inn car park.

Of course, there wouldn’t be any phone signal there, would there…? And no proper map to consult. So, abandoned the idea and backtracked to the Ladybower Inn instead. There were warnings about the road closure heading back, but still loads of motorists got caught out by it. Must be quite an issue for Hope, Castleton, and Edale, and Google Maps is still routing via the closed section, even though it’s flagged it as closed!

I can only imagine that the quickest way to get through would have been via Calver, Eyam, Bradwell, and back onto the usual road, but not worth the hassle. And the lunch at Ladybower was unexpectedly excellent: limited menu, but absolutely delicious – especially the triple-cooked chips which were spot-on for a change!

Maybe Edale another day, then…