Matlock Bath

Matlock Bath

We’re in an amazing sunny spell at the moment, so off to give the Heights of Abraham a whirl. The station car park was (surprisingly) almost empty when we arrived around 9:30 – just us and 2 others.

The cable car ride is quite tame, but does give decent views. (Certainly not on a par with the one coming down from 5600′ on Huangshan!) And it does have a rest on the journey (presumably to allow other cars to load/unload), which tends to cause alarm in some… At the top, there are a few diversions, but hardly anything spectacular. A climb up the 54 steps of Victoria Prospect Tower to get a slightly more elevated vista, and an (to me) interesting guided tour of an old lead-mining cave system (a constant 7C down there, so a welcome refuge from the heat!).

But at £17? A bit overpriced, I think. But no grumbles.

As for Matlock Bath itself, it’s a strange place. A really beautiful setting, yet it seems to think it’s a seaside resort: lots of fish and chip places, amusement arcades, and a honeypot for bikers.

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