Ooh, I do love MODX

Ooh, I do love MODX

Happened on MODX by chance, and I’ve been very impressed with it. A bit of a slog to convert my own stuff, but, once done, so easy to make mods and add new stuff. Template Variables have been a godsend.

There was a problem with Softaculous backup, though: it insists on backing up everything in the root folder, even though that contains subdirectories for other packages that are not referenced by MODX. So, broken-as-designed to my mind. However, it’s easy enough to back up to PC:

  • Download a dbase backup from cPanel
  • Logout of MODX and FTP to PC assets/, connectors/, core/, and manager/, plus .htaccess, config.core.php, and index.php for completion’s sake.

This can be tested locally under wamp:

  • Refresh database using phpMyAdmin
  • Clear all from D:\wamp\www\core\cache
  • Modify D:\wamp\www\connectors\config.core.php
 define('MODX_CORE_PATH', 'D:/wamp/www/core/');
  • Modify D:\wamp\www\manager\config.core.php
 define('MODX_CORE_PATH', 'D:/wamp/www/core/');
  • Modify D:\wamp\www\core\config\config.inc.php
   /* $database_password = 'R[Sp@14W4R'; */ (no password assigned locally)
   $modx_core_path= 'D:/wamp/www/core/';
   $modx_processors_path= 'D:/wamp/www/core/model/modx/processors/';
   $modx_connectors_path= 'D:/wamp/www/connectors/';
   $modx_manager_path= 'D:/wamp/www/manager/';
   $modx_base_path= 'D:/wamp/www/';
   $modx_assets_path= 'D:/wamp/www/assets/';
   $http_host= array_key_exists('HTTP_HOST', $_SERVER) ? htmlspecialchars($_SERVER'HTTP_HOST', ENT_QUOTES) : 'localhost';
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