Thai Festival

Thai Festival

Still the sunny spell spell continues, so why not pay a visit to the Thai Festival at Manchester? A two-day event at Platt Fields, but day one is enough. Platt Fields is located just a bit further down the road from the Chinese Consulate in Rusholme, and I’m amazed that I used to think nothing of walking there and back from Piccadilly! This time, definitely the bus. I have to say that it’s well served by buses (41-43, 143, maybe others) at frequent intervals.

Arrived there about 10:45 and not a lot going on. Grabbed one of the several bales of straw scattered around, and plonked down in the shade of one of the canopies provided. And just sat. Nothing really kicked off until the afternoon – singing, dancing, Thai boxing. And then the big event – Ladyboys… Unbelievable how much interest there was in that! As soon as they were announced, 90% of the crowd flocked to the stage and whipped out their mobiles… Entertaining and dynamic, but don’t think they’d get far on BGT (or TGT?).

Plenty of good food available; but also had to endure some painful “Thai Jazz” for half an hour: imagine jazz… played on bagpipes… through Motorhead’s sound system… That’s the only way I can describe the experience. Thankfully followed by a (pretty good) guitar/singer duo who launched into “Key To The Highway” (the first blues track I ever owned).

All in all, it was enjoyable: crowded in the end, but still relaxing. All this heat is beginning to get to me though!

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