The Joys of Old Age (Part 94)

The Joys of Old Age (Part 94)

Aches and pains… The doc confirmed today that I have Tennis Elbow, and used the word “degenerate” (verb, not noun): once you hear that word, you know it’s all going downhill – and even downhill will probably leave you out of breath.

Also had my first flu jab while I was there. Supposedly available once you reach 65, but this is the first time it’s been offered to me (I’m 94, you know…).

While she was fiddling about with her bits, I asked if I could get my ears syringed pre-flight to avoid any pain on take-off/landing. Yes, I can, but wax doesn’t cause the problem, apparently – it’s a middle-ear thing, and more likely to be sinus related. Right ear is clear anyway, but left ear may be of interest to candle manufacturers.

Left arm, left ear, dress on the left – it’s all a bit asymmetrical.

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