Two young P.E. teachers from Geordie Land
Set off from Edale hand in hand
Their aim to walk the Pennine Way
And reach Kirk Yetholm – “Come what may”

At first we didn’t go so well
The heat and packs made our feet swell
More and more blisters did appear
But we forgot them as we drank our beer

Day by day the further we walked
We met more people who chatted and talked
By the time we had reached Hawes
It was into the pub and “What’s yours?”

We soon proved that we were tough
Last out of the pub but we never felt rough
Our talents included darts and pool
We Morpeth Ladies were born to rule!

Up at seven and raring to go
Come on you lot, you aren’t half slow
Singing our heads off as we went
We even managed it up Pen-y-Ghent

We went in the Tees as we were bold
But you ‘Mamby Pambys’ said it was cold
The next swim we had was in the Tyne
All you lot did was moan and whine

The last night was spent at Chew Green
One of the dryest nights there’d been
However who needs to sit and booze
When they can listen to the Pennine Way Blues!

And so we come to the final stage
We’re nearly ready to read Wainwright’s page
Who’s going to make Cheviot’s Peak?
That’ll prove who’s strong and who’s weak!

We met “the cheats” on top of Schill
Five miles to go but it’s all downhill
As they disappeared out of sight
No panic, for opening time, we’re just right

Into the Border for our free drink
Quicker than pouring it down the sink
Up to the Town to pitch our tent
A quick change and away we went

For it is now time to celebrate
WE’VE DONE IT and we feel great
Pint after pint and even a cigar
Guess who was last to leave the bar?

It is over now and time to go
We may meet again you never know
But in the meantime it’s fair to say
You helped us along the Pennine Way.



Paula and Gill aged 12 and 13