Storm Dennis?

Things all got rather weird yesterday afternoon. Lost internet, so went through the usual router reboot, and it came back – for 10 minutes…. Tried again many times, but still got the 10-minute drop. Had a look at the router web page, and it was hitting 60% memory immediately after reboot, and then hitting 100% memory and 100% CPU after around 10 minutes.

Of course, Origin Broadband support was closed (both phone and Twitter), and they don’t post info about network problems on their website, so left in the dark. Never seen the router behave like that, and it is old, so assumed it finally needed replacing.

But, after about 6 hours, everything got stable again, so I have to assume that Storm Dennis had caused some disruption somewhere along the line. Of course, no word from Origin that I can see anywhere; I could call them, I suppose, but I really can’t be arsed.