Browsers again

Came across a glowing review of the Thorium browser yesterday, and decided to give it a go.

No installation process as such – just unzip to wherever you want and then run it.

Not perfect, but certainly seems faster than my other browsers. Niggles are:

  • Can’t find a way to get rid of the Apps link (which I don’t need) from the Toolbar
  • New tab shows a list of shortcuts to recently visited sites. Don’t know how to stop this. Can click Home icon instead of +, but that’s not so convenient.
  • Would like to see Firefox’s behaviour of opening link in new tab by default.

But nothing too serious, really. And Youtube works OK with adblocking. So, I’m now using Thorium as my main browser, and I’ve got rid of Brave entirely (it was a bit of an oddity at times).