No way, Youtube!

This week Youtube has started complaining about watching videos with an Adblocker enabled, and threatening a ban. So, today, I finally got blocked!

Do they realise how counterproductive this is going to be? If they’re giving me a choice between watching Youtube videos and disabling my adblock to allow unwanted and (as has happened in the past) dangerous or dodgy ads to get through, the choice is simple: bye-bye Youtube, you can do one!

* So far, Firefox has not had any warning about running adblock (Ublock Origin), though my main browser (Brave, shields down, and Ublock)) is still blocked. Seems rather weird.

** 8 days later, Firefox finally being blocked too

*** 1 day later and a Firefox update, Youtube is ads-free again…!

**** 2 days later and Brave now working without showing ads… Not a clue about what’s going on with this!

***** 1 day later and Brave blocked again…

****** 1 day later… Brave ad-free again. Perhaps I’ve discovered the simple reason for all this: need to ensure that Ublock Origins filters are kept updated! And, for Firefox, maybe its own security can block the ads easily enough.