I do get too lazy to blog about things that seem obvious and unforgettable, so I’d better say a bit about this unprecedented heat we have been suffering from for the past two days.

There was a first-ever Red Alert posted a week or more ago, with somewhere in the UK expected to break the current record high of 38.7C, possibly reaching 42C. At the moment, even here in Sheffield, I’m seeing a forecast of 39C for around 4pm today.

Yesterday was just about bearable, as I could move from back of the house to front to avoid the direct sun. But, by bedtime, it was very sticky and uncomfortable. And the house had not leaked much heat by morning, so the back/front split has been far less effective today. Another uncomfortable night awaits, but, thankfully, the forecast is for a drop of 10C or more tomorrow. In fact, last night was the hottest ever recorded in the UK.

It’s not been just the UK, of course. Portugal, Spain, France, Greece have been on fire. And still a platform is given to moronic climate-deniers in the name of “balance”… How the hell did we get to all this?!