Time for a VPN change

Had an alert from ExpressVPN that it was due to renew in 7 days. The renewal price was $99.99, which is totally unjustifiable, so I’ve cancelled it, and had a look round for a replacement.

NordVPN was the obvious candidate, but not a great deal cheaper once VAT was added. Surfshark a possibility, but I discounted that for some reason I can’t now remember. So, in the end, I’ve plumped for PIA (Private Internet Access), which was £46 for 2 years.

The interface is a bit odd compared to ExpressVPN, but it seems to work OK. The big annoyance is that Malwarebytes keeps flagging up some of the (server ping?) connections that PIA makes, and these are to a raft of IP addresses rather than hostnames (and associated with System rather than PIA?). It’s been a known problem with MWB for some time, it seems, and MWB have not yet sorted it. However, it looks like the alerts don’t happen once I’m connected to a VPN server, just when PIA is sat idling, so that’s bearable, I think. We’ll see…